Product Description

No school? Don’t fret! You can still be a glam and fab icon when you have the ALL NEW LIMITED EDITION Donna B Hanna Clear Backpack!

In its response to the rapidly changing times, Donna B has proudly launched an exciting line up of products to make our lives hassle-free, virus-free, and of course be that magnanimous persona of fashion and elegance.

This 9x3x11 masterpiece is perfect for kikay teens who need some serious organizing of all their essential kits. It has a pouch in front for those frequently needed stuff like alcohol, wipes, and masks so you can grab them quickly and need not contaminate any other things.

Since it’s a clear backpack, you can see where is which and reach for them effortlessly without rummaging through all the stuff inside and making a mess out of your bag.

And because it’s made from PVC plastic polywash, cleaning this after going out and sanitizing the whole bag is nothing but a breeze!

So go ahead and get yourself one of these. It’s available in Maroon, Torquoise, Blue, and Pink. You will surely have one to match your outfit, but two of these won’t hurt either 😉 And who says this is just for teens? Go ahead moms, satisfy your inner child and go twinning with your daughter with the Hanna Clear Backpack.