Product Description

Being a mom, especially a full-time mom to a baby, can be really stressful. You get sleepless nights, tiresome days, and never ending household chores. You look haggard, and it can get depressing sometimes.

But why feel and look miles away from your former self? Why can we not have the pretty, haggard free feeling while being a doting mom to our baby?

In its response to the rapidly changing times, Donna B has proudly launched an exciting line up of products to make our lives hassle-free, virus-free, and of course be that magnanimous persona of fashion and elegance.

Be the queen that you truly are, inside and out, whenever you use our newest product: THE BEATRIZ DIAPER BAG. This PVC plastic polywash beauty stands 13″ in height, with a length of 12″ and width of 3″. It is available in three colors: pink, blue, and purple.

This spacious trendy bag can hold most of your baby’s needs, having 2 compartments at the side to hold baby bottles, and 2 additional compartments inside so you can organize stuff for easy access. Easy clean up and sanitation of its plastic surface is a huge plus especially for busy moms.

And since it’s Donna B, you know the products are very versatile. You will find the Beatriz bag complimenting not just mommies, but anyone who needs extra storage spaces for water bottles, umbrellas, or whatever you can fit into it.

An all-around functional but fashionable piece of beauty only from Donna B!

Get yours now by sending us a message!